Low foam penetrant SF

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[Chemical composition] Fatty alcohol polyoxyalkylether

[Type] Non ionic

Technical indicators

Appearance: Light yellow to light yellow oily substance

PH value: 5-7 (1% aqueous solution)

Permeability: ≤ 70 seconds (0.1% aqueous solution), ≥ 100% of standard substance (JFC)

Active substance: ≥ 99% (wt%)

Performance and Application

1. This product is easily soluble in water and general organic solvents, with good permeability, emulsification and cleaning performance, and low foam.

2. This product does not freeze at 0 ℃, and its aqueous solution does not form a sticky paste. It can be mixed with water in any proportion.

3. This product is suitable for preparing pre-treatment agents for various fiber fabrics, which is conducive to the shedding and dispersion of oil agent. The treatment agent foam prepared by it is lower than JFC.

4. In other industries, it is used as an emulsifier, penetrant, and detergent.

Packaging, Storage and Transportation

200Kg iron bucket and 50Kg plastic bucket packaging. Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is two years.

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