Penetrant JFC-S

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Surfactants  Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries


Ingredients: Polyoxyethylene ether compounds

Type: Non ionic

HLB value: 11-13 (theoretical value, for reference)

Technical indicators

Appearance: colorless to light yellow oily substance

PH value: 5.0-7.0 (1% aqueous solution)

Cloud point: 40-50 ℃ (1% aqueous solution)

Permeability: ≥ 100% of the standard (JFC)

Performance and Application

Penetrant JFC-S is easily soluble in aqueous clear and transparent solution, heat resistant, acid and alkali resistant, metal salt resistant, chlorine resistant, and has no affinity for various fibers. Penetrant JFC-S is used in the Textile manufacturing as a penetrant, which can be used in sizing, desizing, scouring, bleaching, carbonization, chlorination and other processes, as well as as a penetrant agent for dyeing and finishing baths, as a penetrant for leather coating, and also can be used as a scouring agent for chemical fiber fabrics. Has strong cleaning ability.

Reference dosage

1. The washing amount of wool is 1.5-2.0% of the gross weight

2. Penetration dosage: 2-6g/L bath solution;

3. Desizing dosage: about 0.2% of the liquid volume;

4. Carbonized wool content: 1-1.5g/L bath solution;

5. Chemical fiber refining: 3-6g/L bath solution.

Packaging and Storage

50kg plastic bucket packaging.

The storage period is two years.

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