emulsifier MOA-7

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Ingredients: Fatty alcohol and ethylene oxide condensate

Type: Non ionic

HLB value: 12-13 (theoretical value, for reference)

Technical indicators

Appearance: Colorless oil like substance to milky white paste like substance

PH value: 5.0-7.0 (1% aqueous solution)

Cloud point: 50-70 ℃

Moisture: ≤ 1%

Performance and Application

1. Emulsifier MOA-7 is easily soluble in water and has excellent emulsification, cleaning, and wetting properties.

2. Emulsifier MOA-7 is used as a wool detergent and degreaser in the wool textile industry, as well as a fine detergent for fabrics.

3. Emulsifier MOA-7 can be an important component of liquid detergents for preparing household and industrial detergents.

4. As an emulsifier in general industry, the lotion is very stable.

Packaging and Storage

200kg iron bucket and 50kg plastic bucket packaging.

The storage period is two years.

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