Paraffin emulsifier

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【 Chemical composition 】 Composed of various surfactants and co emulsifiers

Technical indicators

Appearance: milky white to light yellow solid

Content: ≥ 99%

PH value: 5.0~7.0 (1% aqueous solution)

Performance and Characteristics

1. This product is dispersed in hot water and soluble in general organic solvents, with good emulsification and lubrication effects.

2. This product has a good emulsification effect on 58 # paraffin. The paraffin lotion prepared with this product is fine and stable, and can be widely used in fiberboard processing, textile and paper industry.


1. Generally, for 58 # paraffin, the solid content of wax lotion (including paraffin and emulsifier) is 20%~30%, and the amount of emulsifier is 35% of the paraffin. That is, 70Kg water, 23Kg paraffin and 7Kg emulsifier are required to prepare 100Kg 30% wax lotion.

2. Preparation process: heat the metered Water heating to 80~90 ℃; At the same time, add a measured amount of emulsifier to the measured amount of paraffin, mix and heat to melt; Then add this mixture to the hot water mentioned above and stir evenly, keep it warm for 10 minutes, and cool it to form a concentrated emulsion with blue light. (For reference)

Packaging, Storage and Transportation

200Kg iron bucket and 50Kg plastic bucket packaging. Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is two years.

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