Fatty alcohol ether phosphate MOA-3P, MOA-9P, phenol ether phosphate TX P-4, phenol ether phosphate TX P-10, isotridecanol phosphate, lauryl phosphate MA24P

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【 Chemical composition 】 Alcohol (ether), phenol ether phosphate (potassium salt)


【 Specification】

Fatty alcohol ether phosphate MOA-3P, MOA-9P, phenol ether phosphate TX P-4, phenol ether phosphate TX P-10, isotridecanol phosphate, lauryl phosphate MA24P

Fatty alcohol ether phosphate potassium salt MOA-3PK, phenol ether phosphate potassium salt NP-4PK, phenol ether phosphate potassium salt NP-10PK, isotridecanol ether (6) phosphate potassium salt, lauryl phosphate potassium salt MA24PK

(Special specifications can be developed and processed on behalf of us.)

【 Technical indicators】

Specifications Appearance(25℃) solids PH value (2% aqueous solution)
Fatty alcohol ether phosphate MOA-3P Clear near water-white liquid ≥95% ≤3.5*
Fatty alcohol ether phosphate MOA-9P Clear near water-white liquid ≥95% ≤3.5*
Phenol ether phosphate TXP-4 Clear near water-white liquid ≥95% ≤3.0*
Phenol ether phosphate ester TXP-10 Clear near water-white liquid ≥95% ≤3.0*
Isotriadecanol phosphate ester Clear near water-white liquid ≥95% ≤3.0*
Lauryl phosphate MA24P White to light yellow creamy lumps ≥97% ≤3.0*
Fatty alcohol ether phosphate potassium salt MOA-3PK-40 Colorless to light yellow paste ≥40% 6~8
Fatty alcohol ether phosphate potassium salt MOA-3PK-70 Colorless to light yellow paste ≥70% 6~8
Phenol ether phosphate potassium salt NP-4PK Light yellow viscous substance 50.0±2.0 5.0~7.0
Phenol ether phosphate potassium salt NP-10PK-40 Yellow transparent paste 40.0±2.0 7.0~9.0
Phenol ether phosphate potassium salt NP-10PK-80 Yellow transparent paste 70~80 7.0~9.0
Isodecanol ether (6) phosphate potassium salt Light yellow viscous substance 80.0±2.0 5.0~7.0
Potassium lauryl phosphate MA24PK-30 Colorless to light yellow viscous substance 30.0±2.0 6.5~7.5
Potassium lauryl phosphate MA24PK-50 Colorless to light yellow paste 50.0±2.0 6.5~7.5

(* 10g/L, measured in 10% ethanol aqueous solution)


【Performance and Application】

Product name Performance and Application

Fatty alcohol ether phosphate MOA3P

Fatty alcohol ether phosphate potassium salt


Fatty alcohol ether phosphate MOA9P

1. It has excellent water solubility, decontamination, emulsification, lubrication, cleaning, dispersion, anti-static and rust resistance, excellent electrolyte solubility, and stability to heat and alkali. It has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, hard water resistance, inorganic salt resistance, high temperature resistance, good biodegradability, and low irritation. It also has strong degreasing power.

2. It has antistatic property, smoothness, wettability and corrosion inhibition, and can be used as raw material to improve spinnability in Synthetic fiber processing. It has hygroscopicity and good antistatic property at low temperature. It is widely used as Antistatic agent in chemical fiber finishes. Used as an industrial alkaline cleaning agent and dry cleaning agent, metal processing fluid, organic phosphorus pesticide emulsifier, and the main component of textile oil.

3. It is a good cosolvent, lotion polymerization emulsifier, pigment dispersant, cosmetic emulsifier, oil well drilling mud lubricating dispersant, and deinking agent for paper industry; Degreasing agents, leveling agents, etc. used in the leather industry.

4. It has good detergency and is used to prepare efficient and non-toxic cleaning agents. Widely used in the daily chemical industry, it is one of the main components in shampoo and various cosmetics. 5. High activity and stability can be achieved at pH values around 6-7. Recommended dosage is 3-12%.

Phenol ether phosphate TXP-10

Phenol ether phosphate potassium salt NP-10PK

1. It is resistant to strong alkalis and has good cleaning ability in concentrated alkalis. It is easily soluble in organic solvents and water,

2. Has strong anti-static, emulsifying, smooth, and soft properties; Used as a washing enhancer; Used for preparing dry cleaning agents; Used as an emulsifier added to metal cleaning agents; Emulsifier for lotion polymerization; Emulsifiers, anti-corrosion agents and Antistatic agent added in the production of pesticides and cosmetics.

Phenol ether phosphate TXP-4

Phenol ether phosphate potassium salt NP-4PK

1. It is anionic, often used in combination with anions, non-ionic and Zwitterion, with excellent cold resistance, easy to dissolve in organic solvents, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and good stability; It has excellent performance in decontamination, emulsification, wetting, dispersion, anti-static, and strong degreasing ability. Used for household and industrial detergents, such as preparing dry cleaning agents, ceramic surfaces, glass cleaning agents, and metal cleaning agents.

2. Auxiliaries for Textile manufacturing: such as spinning oil, penetrant, scouring agent and mercerizing agent;

3. Additives used in the paper industry: such as preparing deinking agents;

4. Additives used in the leather industry: such as preparing degreasing agents and leveling agents;

5. Other industrial additives: such as organophosphorus pesticide emulsifiers, metal cutting lubricants, electroplating solution additives, etc.

Isotriadecanol phosphate ester

Isodecanol ether (6) phosphate ester

It has excellent anti-static properties, smoothness, and softness, which can improve the moisture absorption of fibers and better adjust the dynamic friction coefficient between fibers.

Lauryl phosphate MA24P

Potassium Lauryl Phosphate MA24PK

1. Safe and non irritating: This product has a structure similar to natural phospholipids, with extremely mild properties and almost no irritation to the skin and eyes. It is an ideal cream emulsifier.

2. Excellent emulsifying, solubilizing, and dispersing properties: capable of emulsifying various oil phases, including silicone oil.

3. Low surface tension, rich and delicate foam, moderate decontamination and washability: rich and delicate milky foam is produced when using, which is easy to clean, and the skin feels excellent after cleaning, fresh, clean, not tight, and more comfortable.

4. Excellent moisturizing performance: When cleaning the skin, it can give the skin a soft, smooth, and refreshing feeling. It has obvious anti-static and softening effects, and is also suitable for shampoos, hair additives, and fabric fiber finishing agents.

5. Acid, alkali, and salt resistance: Phosphate esters are stored at pH=2 for 12 months, and their decomposition amount is less than 10%; If stored in neutral or slightly acidic conditions for one year or longer, it will not deteriorate.

6. Good biodegradability: the biodegradation of alkyl phosphate is similar to that of alkyl alcohol sodium sulfate, which can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and phosphate ions. For example, the biodegradation rate of didecyl phosphate is close to 100% after 10-15 days, while that of Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate is less than 20%.

7. Low toxicity: Potassium phosphate is a low toxicity substance, with an LD50/(mg/kg) of 74000 for mice and an LC50/(mg/kg) of 3400-12800 for fish.

Usage and dosage:

1. Usage: It is especially used to prepare foam facial cleanser and foam facial cleanser which are popular in the market at present, and it is also suitable for preparing middle and high grade low irritating Sexual cleansing sanitary products such as refreshing and slippery bath liquid, such as shampoo, foam facial cleanser, bath liquid, hand sanitizer (Kao ® One of the main ingredients of Bi Rou facial cleanser, as well as mild baby care products, children's showers, and shampoo products.

2. The hard water resistance of MAPK is slightly worse than that of other anionic surfactants. Therefore, attention should be paid to the addition of hard water resistant agents (such as EDTA) or hard water resistant surfactants (such as sulfo Betaine) in the formulation to give play to its excellent performance.

3. Recommended dosage: foam facial cleanser: 10~50%, bath gel: 8~15%.


【Packaging and storage and transportation】

200Kg iron bucket and 50Kg plastic bucket packaging. Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. Shelf life of two years

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