Low foam alkali resistant mercerizing penetrant HA-LF

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Product Introduction

HA-LF is a low foam alkali resistant penetrant, mainly used in high concentration sodium hydroxide solution. The typical application process is mercerizing and alkali desizing.

Technical indicators

Ingredients: mixture of cresol anionic surfactants

Appearance: Yellow transparent liquid

Ionicity: Anionic

Specific gravity: 1.05

Performance and Characteristics

1. It is a highly active penetrant in high concentration sodium hydroxide solution.

The settling speed test of this product is as follows

Settling time of 7 seconds (the time when the cotton cloth strip disappears from the liquid surface)

MM/LF concentration 3g/L

NaOH concentration 30 ° Be ˊ Or 54 ° Tw

Temperature 20 ℃

2. The data shows that HA-LF has low foaming properties.

Time (seconds) foam height (mm)

0 10

30 4

60 0

*Condition: At 50ml30 ° Be ˊ Add 3g/L of HA-LF to the NaOH solution and pour the above solution into a 100ml cylindrical container. Shake vigorously 10 times at a temperature of 20 ℃.

3. It has good stability in NaOH solution with a concentration of 30 ° Be or 54 ° Tw.

4. In the subsequent process, it helps to remove residual alkali.


For the original grey fabric, 4.0-8.0/L

For refined fabric 2.0-4.0/L

For bleached cloth 1.0-2.0/L

Packaging and Storage

50kg plastic bucket packaging, stored and transported as general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is two years.

【 Precautions 】

1. When coming into contact with concentrated products, wear protective goggles and gloves.

2. If accidentally splashed into the eyes or skin, immediately rinse with plenty of water.

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