Anionic pre-treatment surfactants OEP-98, TEP, RP-98, KT-08, OES-70, OAS, OASE

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Surfactants  Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries


【Chemical composition】Derivatives of alcohol or alcohol ether

【Type] Anionic type】

【Specifications】 OEP-98, TEP, RP-98, KT-08, OES-70, OAS, OASE

【Technical indicators】

Specifications Appearance (25 ℃) PH value (1% aqueous solution) Content penetration Alkali resistance
OEP-98 Light yellow transparent viscous liquid ≤3 ≥98% 6~8s (5g/L,100gNaOH/L) 250g NaOH/L non floating oil
TEP Light yellow transparent viscous liquid ≤3 ≥98% ≤60s (5g/L,100gNaOH/L)
RP-98 Light yellow transparent viscous liquid ≤3 ≥98% ≤5s (5g/L,25℃,中性)
KT-08 White to yellow paste 5~8 70±2% ≤5s (5g/L,280gNaOH/L) ≥250gNaOH/L
OES-70 Light yellow paste 5~8 70±2% ≤5s (5g/L,200gNaOH/L) ≥200gNaOH/L
OAS Light yellow paste 5~8 ≥60% ≤5s (5g/L,25℃) ≥150gNaOH/L
OASE Light yellow paste 5~8 ≥60% ≤5s (5g/L,25℃) ≥180gNaOH/L


【Performance and characteristics】

Specifications Performance and Application
OEP-98 1. This product has strong degreasing, emulsification, dispersion, penetration and cleaning power, oxidation resistance, reducing agent under alkaline conditions, and has a good stabilizing effect on hydrogen peroxide.
2. This product is mainly used for manufacturing printing and dyeing auxiliaries such as anti alkali scouring agents and mercerizing penetrating agents.
TEP 1. This product has extremely strong permeability under strong alkali and high temperature conditions, and has excellent emulsification, deoiling, and washing functions. It can quickly emulsify and remove the slurry during alkaline and oxygen desizing, significantly improving the gross efficiency.
2. It can be compounded with OEP-70, OASE, RP98, etc. to produce high-efficiency alkali resistant scouring agents, mainly used in the manufacturing of penetrating agents, scouring agents, and detergents.
RP-98 This product has strong wetting, emulsifying, and dispersing power under neutral conditions. Mainly used for manufacturing penetrants and wetting agents.
In the Sodium sulfite scouring and bleaching process, the coagulation of other surfactants is inhibited to prevent white spots.
KT-08 OES-70 This product does not contain phosphorus and is environmentally friendly. This product has no surface activity under neutral conditions and has strong penetration in concentrated alkaline solution, making it particularly suitable for manufacturing mercerizing penetrants or anti alkali scouring agents.
OAS OASE 1. This product does not contain phosphorus and is environmentally friendly. This product is easily soluble in (alkaline) water and has surface activity under both neutral and alkaline conditions. It has strong penetration, dispersion, emulsification, and cleaning abilities in high temperature and concentrated alkaline solutions (its various properties have exceeded those of sodium secondary alkyl sulfonate);
2. This product does not require the addition of phosphate surfactants to improve its alkali resistance, and can be used alone in pre-treatment to achieve excellent scouring results;
3. The combination of this product with non ionic surfactants can achieve satisfactory product cost, excellent appearance, excellent permeability, alkali resistance, and good fabric fuzz effect;
4. Because this product does not contain phosphorus, it can be used to manufacture printing and dyeing treatment agents such as anti concentrated alkali, efficient and environmentally friendly scouring agents and penetrating agents.


【Packaging and storage and transportation】

50Kg plastic bucket packaging. Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is two years.

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