Wool leveling agent WE (9802)

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【Name of Similar Product】 Wool Leveling Agent 9802

【 Chemical composition 】 Compound of fatty amine polyoxyethylene ether

【Type】 Non ionic/weakly cationic


【Technical indicators】

Appearance: Light brown liquid

PH value: 8-9 (1% aqueous solution)

Active substance content: 30 soil 1%


【Performance and characteristics】

This product has affinity for dyes and fibers, and is suitable for dyeing wool with Reactive dye. If Hostalan wool is dyed with Reactive dye from Hoechst Company in Germany, the fixation rate, various dyeing fastness and leveling performance after using this product are the same as those of Eganol GES, a leveling agent from Hoechst Company. Moreover, when used in dyeing wool with Lanasol, Verotix and Reactive dye for cotton, the dye uptake can be improved. It has excellent leveling effects in media dyes, weakly acidic dyes, neutral dyes, and metal complex dyes.



When dyeing with wool Reactive dye, the leveler dosage is 1.5% (o.w.f), and ammonium sulfate is the best buffer;

When dyeing with mordant dyes, the dosage of this leveling agent is 0.3-0.5% (o.w.f);

When dyeing with weak acidic dyes, the dosage of this leveling agent is 0.5-0.7% (o.w.f);

When dyeing with 1:1 metal complex dyes, the amount of sulfuric acid can be reduced by about 50%, and the amount of this leveling agent is 1.5% (o.w.f);

When dyeing with 1:2 metal complex dyes, the dosage of this leveling agent is 1% (o.w.f).


【Package and Storage】

50Kg plastic bucket packaging. Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is one year.

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