Durable antifouling/Antistatic agentHA-66

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【Product Introduction】

HA-66 is a durable antifouling/antistatic finishing agent, especially suitable for pure polyester fabrics and polyester blended fabrics. It can modify originally hydrophobic/lipophilic polyester fibers into hydrophilic/hydrophobic fibers. This will give textiles the following advantages:

1. Reduce the generation of static electricity, thereby improving wearing comfort.

2. Prevent the greying phenomenon of polyester containing fabrics after washing, while endowing 100% polyester fabrics with easy decontamination performance.

3. Resistant to oil stains and prevents the re deposition of dirt.

4. Make it easier to remove dirt.

5. It can be directly added to the dyeing bath during high-temperature dyeing, thereby saving time and cost.

6. Improve the whiteness and brightness of the fabric. Reduce the accumulation of static electricity at the tail of the stretcher.

7. At the same time, it provides excellent lubrication performance in the dyeing bath, thereby reducing the differences between dyeing batches and eliminating "chicken feet marks" and wrinkles.


【Technical indicators】

Chemical composition: Non ionic surfactant, hydrophilic copolymer dispersed in water

Appearance: White flowing dispersion

PH value: 6-7 (1% aqueous solution)

Ionicity: Non ionic

Solubility: Dissolves in cold water and cannot be diluted with hot water.


【Performance and characteristics】

1. HA-66 forms an enveloping surface around the polyester fiber, changing the hydrophobicity of the fiber surface.

2. HA-66 can increase the lubricity between fibers, making it easier for them to slide against each other. This phenomenon is particularly evident in intermittent dyeing of pure polyester and polyester blended fabrics.

3. HA-66 can be used as a very excellent anti wrinkle lubricant.



1. Application in polyester dyeing bath: HA-66 2-4% (o.w.f)

2. Applied in post processing: HA-66 3-4% (o.w.f)

3. Applied to wool polyester blended fabric: HA-66 30-50 g/L


【Package and Storage】

50kg plastic bucket. Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is one year.



It can be shared with the majority of finishing agents, but care should be taken not to let other finishing agents affect the functionality and efficiency of HA-66.



一、 高温染色中

在高温染色中加入HA-66,不改变正常染色工艺,HA-66 吸附到纤维上并固着。上述方法适用于高温染色喷射机、绳状染色机及成衣染色机。

1、 染浴温度40℃,需要时添加染色载体和消泡剂。配方如下:

HA-66 2 ~ 6%(o.w.f) (冷水稀释)

分散剂     0.5%(o.w.f)

醋酸调节pH值 4.5~5.5

2、 升温至60 ~ 65℃,并加入染料。

3、 混合完全后升温至130℃,染色15~45min,冷却并清洗。

4、 如必要,对织物进行染色后的处理。



1、在室温下添加HA-66 2 ~ 6%(o.w.f),调整带液率。

2、 用醋酸调节PH = 5.0 ~ 6.0,常规时间、温度烘干。

3、 此法不宜用于染深色。



1、 在40℃下加入:





1、在40℃下加入HA-66 2~6% (o.w.f)

分散剂 0.25~0.5% (o.w.f)

2、 升温到95℃,运转15 ~ 30min

3、 降温,冷却织物,脱水

4、 175℃下烘干30 秒


轧液率为60%;60-70g/L HA-66


轧液率为60%;1~5g/L HA-66

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