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【chemical composition】Styrene phenol polyoxyethylene ether ammonium sulfate

【Type】Anionic type


【Technical indicators】

Appearance: Light yellow viscous liquid

PH value: 4-7 (1% aqueous solution)

Cloud point:>100 ℃ (1% aqueous solution)


【Performance and characteristics】

1. Soluble in water and general organic solvents, it has excellent dye dispersibility, initial retardancy, and synchronous dye uptake.

2. In the textile and printing and dyeing industries, it is used as a high-temperature and high-pressure dispersion leveling agent for polyester fibers, suitable for rapid dyeing processes.

3. It can maintain the dyeing bath under acidic conditions, effectively avoiding color and light deviation caused by hydrolysis of sensitive dyes on the fabric surface.

4. It does not contain solvents or carrier components, which helps improve the working environment. It is suitable for high-temperature dark dyeing of polyester and high-temperature light dyeing that requires warm tones.

5. In general industry, it is used as a component of detergents.



This product is used for high-temperature dyeing of polyester fabrics and can be processed according to conventional processes.

Dosage: 0.5-1g/L

Bath ratio: 1:10

Dyeing temperature: 130~140 ℃

Holding time: 30-90 minutes

*Please adjust the specific process according to the user's discretion through the sample.


【Package and Storage】

50Kg plastic bucket packaging. Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is one year.

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