Polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether MPEG-600、MPEG-750、MPEG-1000、MPEG-2000

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Surfactants  Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries


Chemical composition: Methoxy group polyethylene glycol

Type: Non ionic

Specifications: MPEG-600, MPEG-750, MPEG-1000, MPEG-2000


Technical indicators:

Specifications appearance(25℃) Hydroxyl value mgKOH/g molecular weight Moisture(%) pH value
MPEG-600 viscous liquid 88~100 560~640 ≤0.5 5.0~7.0
MPEG-750 viscous liquid 70~80 700~800 ≤0.5 5.0~7.0
MPEG-1000 Wax like paste 47~56 1000~1200 ≤0.5 5.0~7.0
MPEG-2000 white solid 25.5~31 1800~2200 ≤0.5 5.0~7.0


Performance and application:

1. Used as a raw material for cement water reducing agent and reinforcing agent in the building materials industry. The polycarboxylic acid high-efficiency water reducing agent synthesized using this raw material has strong ability to maintain the dispersion of cement particles, making the product have advantages such as low dosage, high water reduction rate, good reinforcement effect, durability, non rusting steel bars, and environmental friendliness. It can be applied in high-performance, high-strength (C60 or above) commercial concrete for on-site mixing and long-distance transportation.

2. Soluble in water, ethanol, and organic solvents. Low steam pressure, heat stable, used as a thickener and lubricant in the textile printing and dyeing industry and daily chemical industry.

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