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The company is a professional manufacturer of surfactants and textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries.


Surfactants  Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries


[Chemical composition] Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether

[Type] Non ionic

[H L B value] 11-12 (theoretical value, for reference)

Technical indicators

Appearance: milky white paste to solid substance

PH value: 6.0~7.0 (1% aqueous solution)

Hydroxyl value: 82~92mgKOH/g

Moisture content: ≤ 1.0%

Performance and Application

1. Soluble in water, with good emulsifying, wetting, and cleaning properties.

2. General industry is used as emulsifier, especially suitable for emulsification of mineral oil and wax. The lotion produced is very delicate.

3. As an effective auxiliary for resin finishing.

Packaging, Storage and Transportation

50Kg plastic bucket packaging. Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is two years.

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