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Surfactants  Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries


[Chemical composition] Condensate of Fatty alcohol and ethylene oxide

[Type] Non ionic

[H LB value] 17-18 (theoretical value, for reference)

Technical indicators

Appearance: White flake solid

PH value: 5-7 (1% aqueous solution)

Cloud point: ≥ 94 ℃ (5% NaCl solution)

Moisture content: ≤ 1.0%

Performance and Application

1. This product is easily soluble in water and can be mixed with various surfactants for use. Acid, alkali, and hard water resistant, with good dispersibility and emulsifying properties.

2. Used as a strong dispersant in one bath dyeing of wool/nitrile blended fabrics.

3. When using acidic and cationic dyes as anti precipitation agents.

4. Used as a raw material for industrial detergents and glass fiber emulsifiers.

Packaging, Storage and Transportation

20kg woven bag packaging. Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is two years.

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