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【 Alias 】 Triolein; (Z) -9-Octadecylene-1,2,3-propanotrienyl ester; Three oil essence; Glycerol trioleic acid ester

Glycerol Trioleate/Triolein

Composition: Glycerol trioleic acid ester

【 Chemical formula 】 (C17H33COOCH2) 2CHOCOC17H33

[Type] Non ionic

[CAS Number] 122-32-7

Technical indicators

Appearance: Light yellow clear liquid

Acid value/(mgKOH/g): ≤ 2

Hydroxyl value/(mgKOH/g): 185-205

Saponification value/(mgKOH/g): ≤ 25

Moisture content: ≤ 1%

Freezing point (℃): ≤ 5.0 ℃

Performance and Application

1. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, soluble in chloroform, ether, and carbon tetrachloride.

2. Generally used as an emulsifier, it can be used in the textile printing and dyeing industry and the pharmaceutical and food fermentation industry. It can also be used as lubricant in Textile manufacturing; Smoothing agent for metal post-processing treatment; Used as an emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, and wetting agent in food and cosmetics; In medicine, penicillin inhibitor corylic acid can be produced.

[Packaging] 180kg iron bucket

【 Storage and transportation 】 According to the storage and transportation of non hazardous materials.

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