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【 Chemical Name 】 Dehydrated Sorbitol Fatty Ester

【Type] Non ionic】

【 Specifications 】 S-20, S-40, S-60, S-80, S-85 (special varieties can be OEM)

【Technical indicators 】




hydroxyl value


Saponification value


acid value




HLB value

melting point


S-20 Amber viscous liquid 330~360 160~175 ≤8 ≤1.5 8.6 liquid(25℃)
S-40 Pale yellow waxy solid 255~290 140~150 ≤8 ≤1.5 6.7 45~47
S-60 Pale yellow waxy solid 240~270 135~155 ≤8 ≤1.5 4.7 52~54
S-80 Amber viscous oily substance 190~220 140~160 ≤10 ≤1.5 4.3 liquid(25℃)
S-85 Yellow oily liquid 60~80 165~185 ≤15 ≤1.5 1.8 liquid(25℃)

【Performance and Application】

Grade Performance and specifications
S-20 1. Soluble in oil and organic solvents, dispersed in water as a semi emulsion liquid.
2. Used as W/O emulsifier, stabilizer, plasticizer, lubricant, and desiccant in the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; Used as softener, Antistatic agent and finishing agent in Textile manufacturing; Also used as a mechanical lubricant; As an additive antifogging agent, it has good initial and low temperature antifogging properties and is suitable for PVC (1-1.5%), polyolefin film (0.5-0.7%), and EVA film.
3. Used as a mechanical lubricant and emulsifier in the petroleum and paint industries.
S-40 1. Soluble in oil and organic solvents, in a dispersed form in hot water.
2. Used as emulsifiers and dispersants in the food and cosmetics industry; Used as emulsion stabilizer in lotion polymerization; Used as a dispersant in printing ink; It can also be used as an additive for textile waterproof coatings and an oil emulsion dispersant; Widely used as a polymer anti fog and drip agent, PVC agricultural film accounts for 1-1.7% and EVA0.5-0.7%.
S-60 1. This product is insoluble in water and appears dispersed in hot water. It is a good w/o emulsifier with strong emulsifying, dispersing, and lubricating properties, as well as a good stabilizer and defoamer.
2. It is used as an emulsifier in the food industry and in the production of beverages, milk sugar, ice cream, bread, cakes, Malted milk, Margarine, chocolate, etc; In Textile manufacturing, it is used as a component of Antistatic agent and soft oiling agent for acrylic fiber; Used as emulsifier and stabilizer in food, pesticide, medicine, cosmetics, coatings, and plastic industries; As an anti fogging agent for PVC, EVA, PE and other films, the dosage is 1.5-1.8% in PVC and 0.7-1% in EVA.
S-80 1. It is insoluble in water, soluble in hot oil and organic solvents, and is a high-level lipophilic emulsifier.
2. Used as a lubricant for W/O type latex explosives, nylon and viscose cord threads, with good smoothing effect on fibers. Used for emulsification of machinery, coatings, chemicals, and explosives. Used as an emulsifier in petroleum drilling weighted mud; Used as an emulsifier in the production of food and cosmetics; Used as a dispersant in the paint and coating industry; Used as a stabilizer in the production of titanium dioxide; Used as insecticides, wetting agents, and emulsifiers in pesticide production; Used as a cosolvent in petroleum products; It can also be used as an anti rust agent for rust oil. Lubricants and softeners used in textiles and leather.
3. As a film anti fogging agent, it has good initial and low-temperature anti fogging properties, with a dosage of 1-1.5% in PVC and 0.5-0.7% in polyolefins.
S-85 1. Slightly soluble in isopropanol, tetrachloroethylene, cottonseed oil, etc.
2. Mainly used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textile, paint, and petroleum industries, as emulsifiers, thickeners, rust inhibitors, etc.

【Packaging, Storage and Transportation 】

S-20, S-80, and S-85 are packaged in 50kg plastic barrels; S-40 and S-60 are packaged in 20Kg woven bags.

Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place.

The shelf life is two years.

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