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【Name of Similar Product】Emulsifier NP Series

【Chemical composition】Alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether

【Type] Non ionic】

【Technical indicators】

Specifications Appearance (25 ℃) ColorPt-Co Cloud point ℃ (1% aqueous solution) Hydroxyl valuemgKOH/g Moisture (%) PH value (1% aqueous solution) hlb value
TX-4 Colorless Transparent Liquid ≤20 135~145 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 8~9
TX-5 Colorless Transparent Liquid ≤20 122~132 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 ~10
TX-7 Colorless Transparent Liquid ≤20 100~110 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 10~11
TX-9 Colorless Transparent Liquid ≤20 50~60 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 10~11



Colorless Transparent Liquid ≤20 60~67 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 12~13
TX-12 Milky white paste ≤20 80~85 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 ~14.2
TX-13 Milky white paste ≤20 85~90 68~73 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 14~14.5
TX-15 Milky white paste ≤20 90~95 60~66 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 14.5~15
TX-18 Milky white paste ≤20 >95 53~58 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 15.5~16
TX-21 Milky white paste ≤20 >100 44~54 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 ~16
TX-30 White solid ≤20 >100 34~39 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 17~17.5
TX-40 White solid ≤20 >100 26~31 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 17.5~18
TX-50 White solid ≤20 >100 21~25 ≤1.0 5.0~7.0 18~18.5

【Performance and Application】

1. TX-4 is soluble in oil and other organic solvents and has good emulsification performance. As an lipophilic emulsifier, it is used to prepare w/o type lotion; In some organic synthesis reactions, as a reaction medium, it can shorten the reaction time and improve the reaction conversion rate. For example, in the polymerization of plastic polyvinyl chloride, as a whole material agent, it can not only make the formed particles of polyvinyl chloride uniform, but also prevent reaction sticking to the pot; It can also be used as a dry cleaning agent.

2. TX-5 is soluble in oils and general organic solvents, used as an emulsifier, coupling agent, antifreeze, rust inhibitor, dispersant, and organic synthesis intermediate.

3. TX-7 is diffuse in water and mineral oil, and has excellent emulsification and cleaning performance. It is commonly used as an emulsifier in industry. TX-7 is used as a cleaning agent in the wool spinning, synthetic fiber industry, and metal processing processes. If it can be used as a washing and soaping agent for polypropylene before and after dyeing, and as a leveling agent for cationic dyes.

4. TX-9 and TX-10 are easily soluble in water and have excellent emulsification and cleaning ability. They are one of the important components of synthetic detergents and can prepare various cleaning agents. They have strong cleaning ability for animal, plant, and mineral oil stains; It is one of the components of Synthetic fiber industrial finishes. In addition to showing emulsification performance, it has the effect of removing static electricity; As a softener in the size of synthetic staple blended yarn, the smoothness and elasticity of the size film can be improved, and the lotion can protect the colloid; General industry is used as emulsifier to prepare stable lotion; Used as a preservative, wetting agent, and battery corrosion inhibitor; Additives used in the printing and dyeing industry for leveling, diffusion, wetting, washing, and other purposes have good performance; Used as a leveling agent for a new low-temperature dyeing process of wool; Used as an emulsifier in the pesticide, pharmaceutical, and rubber industries, and as an emulsifier for emulsified asphalt in the construction industry, it is also an important component of metal water-based cleaning agents; Wetting agents, foaming agents, and mud active treatment agents used in oil fields.

5. TX-12 is easily soluble in water and can be used as an efficient detergent for unprocessed wool within a wide pH range, as well as a heavy scale low foam detergent.

6. TX-15 is used as o/w type emulsifier and detergent for metal, machinery and Textile manufacturing.

7. TX-13-50 is easily soluble in water and has excellent emulsification, dispersion, wetting, and permeability properties. It is used as a high-temperature emulsifier, high electrolyte concentration detergent, wetting agent, stabilizer for synthetic latex, special oil emulsifier, and pesticide emulsifier.

【Packaging and storage and transportation】

200kg iron bucket, 50kg plastic bucket packaging; After the solid slice is formed, it is packaged in a 20kg woven bag. This series of products is non-toxic and non flammable, and are stored and transported as general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is two years.

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