emulsifier SG-12,20,40,50,100

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Surfactants  Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries


Composition: Fatty acid and ethylene oxide condensate

Type: Non ionic

Specification: SG-12, 20, 40, 50100

Technical indicators

Specifications Appearance ph value Saponification value HLB value
SG-12 Slightly yellow to
Milky white
5.0-7.0 65~75 12.5~13.5
SG-20 46~52 14.5~15.5
SG-40 23~33 16.5~17.5
SG-50 20~24 17.5~18
SG-100 10~14 18.5~19

Performance and Application

Specifications Performance and Application



1. Emulsifier SG is soluble in various solvents such as ethanol, and is dispersed in water. It is stable for various electrolytes and has good emulsification, softness, and anti-static properties.
2. It can be used as softener and Antistatic agent in Textile manufacturing, emulsifier and solubilizer in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries, and also can be used for emulsification of waterproof wax for paperboard and building board.




1. Emulsifier SG is soluble in water, ethanol, carbon tetrachloride, etc., and has good emulsifying, wetting, complexing, and thickening properties.
2. Used as emulsifier, solubilizer, suppository matrix, and ointment matrix in the pharmaceutical industry; It is used as emulsifier and detergent in cosmetics industry, softener and Antistatic agent in textile industry, and emulsification additive in food industry.


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