additive AC1201、AC1202、AC1203、AC1205、AC1210、AC1215

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【 Chemical composition 】 Fatty amine polyoxyethylene ether

【Type] Non ionic】

【 Specifications 】 AC-1201, 1202, AC-1203, AC-1205, AC-1210, AC-1215

(Special specifications can be developed and processed on behalf of us.)

【Technical indicators】

Specifications Appearance (25 ℃) Color (Gardner method) Total amine value mgKOH/g Tertiary amine value mgKOH/g water-solubility
AC-1201 Colorless Transparent Liquid 220~245 Insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents
AC-1202 Colorless Transparent Liquid 190~220 190~200
AC-1203 Yellow viscous liquid ≤10 168~178 168~178
AC-1205 Yellow viscous liquid ≤10 130~141 130~141 Soluble in water and organic solvents
AC-1210 Yellow viscous liquid ≤8 82~92 82~92 dissolve in water
AC-1215 Yellow viscous liquid ≤8 60~70 60~70

【Performance and Application】

1. AC-1203 can be used as dispersant, Antistatic agent, softening finishing agent, latex stabilizer and acid corrosion prevention agent on textiles;

2. AC-1202, AC-1205, AC-1210 and AC-1215 are used to prepare pesticides and herbicides in pesticides, as emulsifiers for Antistatic agent and lubricants in the textile industry, and as grease additives in water-based inks and cosmetics;

3. AC-1210 is particularly suitable as an additive for ship electrostatic spraying, which can reduce resistance, replace high-pressure spraying in the process, and improve labor conditions. In viscose textiles, it is used as a dispersant for inorganic salts and as an emulsifier for fats and oils in industrial lubrication;

4. When AC-1215 is used for artificial fibers, adding it to the spinning bath can prevent the deposition of sludge on the nozzle and improve the transparency of alkaline fibers.

【Packaging and storage and transportation】

200Kg iron bucket and 50Kg plastic bucket packaging. Storage and transportation of general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place. The shelf life is two years.

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