Performance of emulsifier AEO



Emulsifier Emulsifier AEO refers to the surfactant that stabilizes Emulsion. Therefore, emulsifier is added to the oil-water system, and water and oil are mixed to form a completely dispersed Emulsion. Emulsifier AEO can not only improve the stability of Emulsion, but also determine the type of Emulsion. A substance that forms a uniform and stable dispersion system and Emulsion. Emulsifier and emulsifier AEO are surface active substances. Emulsifier and emulsifier AEO can improve the interphase surface tension of various components in Emulsion and reduce the energy required to form lotion. There are hydrophilic groups and lipophilic groups in the molecule at the same time. Aggregation at the oil/water interface can reduce the surface tension and increase the energy of lotion. Then, let's learn about the performance of emulsifier and emulsifier AEO!




Emulsifier Emulsifier AEO Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether can be used as emulsifier in lotion, cream and shampoo cosmetics. With excellent water solubility, it is the condensate of Fatty alcohol and ethylene oxide, and is a non-ionic surfactant. It can improve the solubility of some substances in water, and can be used as an emulsifier for preparing O/W lotion. As a nonionic surfactant, AEO can be used in the manufacture of oil in water lotion. Emulsifier AEO is a hydrophilic emulsifier widely used in the preparation of civil detergents, as well as industrial emulsifiers and metal detergents.

Emulsifier Emulsifier AEO belongs to Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, also known as underwriting plus O-9, as a non-ionic surfactant, and its general properties are as follows.

Solubility: Easily soluble in water, ethanol, ethylene glycol, etc. It has good solubility at temperatures slightly above room temperature and is used as an AEO emulsifier. It is generally dissolved in water, but does not dissolve at room temperature.

Chemical properties: 10% aqueous solution is transparent at 25 ℃. It has good emulsification and dispersion properties, with a turbidity of 75 degrees for 10% calcium chloride solution, and is stable for acid, alkali solutions, and hard water.

The packaging, storage, and transportation precautions for emulsifier AEO are as follows.

Storage: In a dry and ventilated place, avoid exposure to sunlight and rain. The freezing quality is frozen layer by layer, and the AEO series of emulsifier products may experience layering after being placed for a period of time. The situation is normal and does not affect the use effect. Does not affect product quality.

Transportation: Transport using general chemical substances.

Emulsifier AEO must be packaged intact and loaded safely when leaving the factory. During transportation, it is necessary to avoid container leakage, tipping, falling or damage. It is strictly prohibited to mix and transport with oxidants, edible chemicals, etc. During transportation, it is necessary to prevent rain, get wet from rain, and avoid high temperatures. Thoroughly clean after transportation. Please store in a dry, ventilated, and low-temperature warehouse. During transportation, please handle or place gently to avoid getting wet, sunburnt, or colliding with rain.

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