Significant progress has been made in replacing emulsifiable concentrates with waterborne cypermethrin




In the past decade, China has developed water-based and efficient cypermethrin formulations to replace emulsifiable concentrates, which have become the development direction of emulsifiers and have made significant progress. Recently, Shenzhen Norpuxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd. Gao Gonghua Naizhen disclosed the above information.

As one of the main varieties of Tanacetum cinerariifolium like pesticides, cyhalothrin series insecticides have the advantages of broad spectrum, high efficiency, quick effect and easy decomposition in the environment, and are widely used to control a variety of agricultural and health pests. Additives are widely registered, applied, and produced pesticides and insecticides in China. According to Hua Naizhen, there are currently three main types of cypermethrin insecticides in the global pesticide market: cypermethrin, high-efficiency cypermethrin, and precision high-efficiency cypermethrin. Among them, high-efficiency cypermethrin has the largest market.

At present, the most efficient cypermethrin processed in China is 2.5% emulsifiable concentrate. Polypropylene glycol PPG contains toxic volatile organic solvents, while it also has safety and environmental pollution issues. Therefore, replacing emulsifiable concentrates with water emulsions and microemulsions has become an inevitable trend. However, the microemulsions developed domestically are highly controversial due to their use of polar organic solvents as solvents and co solvents. For this reason, Hua Naizhen pointed out that solvent-free microemulsions have great advantages in safety, environmental protection, and economy by replacing emulsifiable concentrates and solvent microemulsions at the same dosage. Softener soft films are truly safe and environmentally friendly dosage forms.