Xi'an Construction Commission organizes the research and development of fire resistant interface agents for building exterior wall insulation materials




On November 15, 2010, the fire accident in the teachers' apartment in Shanghai shocked the world. Lenovo's successive accidents in recent years, such as the CCTV fire, the Jinan Olympic Sports Center fire, and the Jiaozhou Road fire in Shanghai, were all closely related to the use of unqualified flame retardant foam thermal insulation materials in the buildings. According to statistics, about 80% of the main insulation materials for building exterior walls in China are combustible organic materials such as polystyrene and polyurethane, which have buried deep hidden dangers for fires and may threaten the safety of people's lives and property at any time.

In order to curb the recurrence of the accident, the Xi'an Municipal Construction Commission immediately took action the second day after the Shanghai fire accident, conducting a special study on the fire prevention of building insulation materials in Xi'an. We also actively organized the Advanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Institute of the School of Architectural Engineering of Chang'an University and Xi'an Langsitai Building Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly carry out scientific and technological breakthroughs to improve the safety performance of organic thermal insulation materials for building exterior walls.

After more than half a year of repeated tests, a new type of fireproof interface agent covering the external Hexahedron of the organic thermal insulation material has been successfully developed, which can effectively reduce the fire risk. This interface agent has not only been unanimously recognized and praised by the experts in the industry for its excellent fire prevention effect, but also successfully filled the gap in this technical field in China. In order to improve the fire prevention performance of the external wall thermal insulation materials in Xi'an, Ensuring building safety from the source of building energy-saving materials has important and far-reaching significance.

Government colleges and universities work together to develop and tackle the "Hexahedron fireproof warehouse"

In the past 10 years, most of the buildings constructed have forcibly used flammable exterior wall insulation materials, which is very unsafe. It is necessary to immediately organize the research and development of organic insulation material fire retardant interface agents, achieve breakthroughs in new technologies and processes for building energy conservation, to ensure the realization of safety prevention goals and effectively ensure the safety of the lives and property of Xi'an citizens! "After the accident, Zhang Yong'an, the director of the Municipal Construction Commission, solemnly stated at an emergency meeting.

According to this idea, the Municipal Construction Committee found Director Li of the Advanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Institute of the School of Architecture and Engineering of Chang'an University. After several negotiations, it was determined to jointly develop a new type of special fire retardant interface agent for organic heat preservation boards, which would be applied to all the surfaces of organic heat preservation boards to delay the flame spread time, reduce the damage area, and at the same time buy time for fire rescue and personnel escape. While taking into account the inherent performance of both organic insulation boards and insulation bonding adhesives, organic insulation materials such as organic insulation boards are subjected to fire and flame retardant treatment during on-site stacking and construction stages, and a dedicated fire and flame retardant interface agent for organic insulation boards is developed to reduce building fire risk.

After the goal was determined, the municipal construction committee immediately organized personnel to go all out. Every step of research and development always drew the heart of the leadership of the construction committee. In the process of research and development, Director Zhang Yong'an asked about the progress of research and development for many times. All the work of the Advanced Civil Materials Research Institute of Chang'an University also made way for the research and development of fire retardant interface agent.

However, as the research and development work unfolded, difficulties also arose one after another. Where should we start to find a breakthrough? For a while, many industry experts from Chang'an University also made difficulties. Due to the surface properties of traditional fireproof materials being different from mine