Emulsifier and emulsifier AEO beside asphalt roads



When it comes to asphalt emulsifier emulsifier, it is very obvious that it is an emulsifier AEO suitable for asphalt roads. It belongs to a type of surfactant and its key role is to emulsify asphalt, which is always used when designing asphalt roads. Generally, asphalt cannot be directly used because of the material characteristics. It needs to be heated and dissolved. Later, a certain proportion of asphalt emulsifier AEO, water and other modifiers will be added to make it become an oil in water solution moisturizing lotion, thus playing a very important role in road engineering.




There are many types of asphalt emulsifier AEO, mainly divided into non ionic asphalt emulsifier AEO, cationic asphalt emulsifier AEO, and cationic asphalt emulsifier AEO. The aggregation network asphalt emulsifier AEO is mainly dominated by cations. In terms of application fields, it can be divided into urban engineering project pavement specific asphalt emulsifier AEO, urban road engineering asphalt emulsifier AEO, provincial road asphalt emulsifier AEO, provincial and fast road asphalt emulsifier AEO, and campus and fitness playground environmental protection colorful asphalt emulsifier AEO, among others. The separate pavement of asphalt pavement can be divided into asphalt emulsifier AEO for prime coat oil, asphalt emulsifier AEO for adhesive layer, and asphalt emulsifier AEO for lower seal layer and upper prime coat. A single asphalt emulsifier AEO agent is divided into 30%, 40%, and 50% asphalt emulsifier AEO components.

Asphalt emulsifier AEO mainly includes cationic slow cracking and fast setting asphalt emulsifier AEO, cationic medium cracking asphalt emulsifier AEO. What I am saying is that currently, the main uses on the market are very wide, and the actual effects are very obvious, low cost, and cost-effective. Whether it is urban roads, rural roads, or provincial and national highways that are fast, they are all given good evaluations.

Cake bread emulsifier AEO:

Article | Doctor Du Dechun of Bakery Food engineering Project

Emulsifier AEO: refers to a type of food emulsifier AEO that can improve the interfacial tension between various components in an emulsion, producing a uniform dispersion or emulsion substance. Food emulsifier AEO is one of the 22 types of food additives specified in GB2760-2014 "Food Additive Use Standards".

The usage of food emulsifier AEO is about half of the total amount of edible additives, and it is a widely used additive in the food industry. It plays a crucial role in catering production and food processing. The vast majority of food production and production involve emulsifier AEO or its emulsifying effect.

Food emulsifier AEO is a multifunctional and efficient food additive that not only has typical surface activity, but also has functions such as demulsification, thickening, stability, moisturizing, and maintenance in food.

According to the HLB value, emulsifier AEO can be divided into two types: water in oil (W/O type, i.e. hydrophilic type) and oil in water (O/W type, i.e. hydrophilic type). The former disperses water into oil, such as Glycerol monostearate; The latter type disperses oil into water, such as sucrose esters, soybean lecithin, etc.