Characteristics of emulsifier AEO hydrophilic group



According to the characteristics of the hydrophilic group of emulsifier AEO, it can be divided into:

(1) Cationic emulsifier AEO. This emulsifier and emulsifier AEO hydrolyze in water to form hydrophilic groups with ions, such as oleate soap, methyl Potassium thiocyanate (Sodium dodecyl sulfate), alkyl benzene sulfonate (Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate), polyphosphate, etc. Cationic emulsifier AEO is specified for use in alkaline or neutral environments and cannot be used in acidic or alkaline environments. It can also be used in combination with other cationic emulsifiers, emulsifiers AEO, or non cationic emulsifiers, but cannot be used together with cationic emulsifiers, emulsifiers AEO.




(2) Cationic emulsifier AEO. This emulsifier AEO hydrolyzes in water to form cationic hydrophilic groups, such as N-dodecyl and other amine derivatives, Quaternary ammonium cation, etc. Cationic emulsifier AEO needs to be applied in acidic and alkaline environments and cannot be used together with cationic emulsifier AEO.

(3) Non Inorganic compound emulsifier AEO. This type of emulsifier AEO does not hydrolyze in water. Its hydrophilic group is a variety of positive and negative polar groups, such as polyoxyethylene ether, polyoxypropylene ether, ethylene oxide and block copolymer, polyether polyol fatty acid ester, acrylic acid lotion, etc.

According to the source of emulsifier AEO, it can be divided into generated and pure natural. The above emulsifiers AEO are all generated; Natural emulsifier AEO includes soybean lecithin, lanolin, Gum arabic, etc. Emulsifier AEO is widely used in food, skin care products, detergents, Styrene-butadiene, resin materials, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, tanneries, building coatings, textiles, printing and dyeing plants, petrochemical equipment and other aspects. The emulsifier AEO not only has emulsifying effects, but also has functions such as solubilization, infiltration, wetting, and scale removal.

Emulsifier AEO is one of the commonly used food additives in the food industry. Similar to surfactants, by wrapping small droplets of the dispersion medium around them to avoid coalescence, they become relatively stable colloidal dispersions in another immiscible or partially miscible liquid.

Emulsification principle

Emulsifier Emulsifier AEO is an indispensable component to promote the stability of moisturizing lotion, and plays a vital role in the stability of emulsion. In order to produce a relatively stable emulsion and disperse the dispersion medium into very small droplets, the application and judgment of emulsifier AEO are also very important.

The emulsifier AEO mainly reduces the page activation energy to produce a stable emulsion film, in order to produce a relatively stable emulsion. Reduce page activation energy and create spherical droplets to maintain a small area.

The process of producing moisturizing lotion from two different liquids is a process in which a lot of operation interfaces are generated between the two-phase liquids. The lower the droplet, the more new pages are added, and the greater the activation energy of the surface layer of the droplet particles. The emulsifier AEO is adsorbed on the surface of the droplet, which can further reduce interfacial tension or surface free energy. The emulsifier AEO is attached to the periphery of the droplet, and the coating is arranged in a fixed order around the droplet to reduce the surface tension of water and oil and reasonably prevent droplet aggregation.