The more neat the arrangement of emulsifier AEO on the surface of droplets, the stronger the emulsion film, and the smoother the emulsion



The more neat the arrangement of emulsifier AEO on the surface of droplets, the stronger the emulsion film, and the smoother the emulsion.

The purpose of emulsification is to reduce the kinetic energy consumed in the preparation of moisturizing lotion. In order to maintain the stability of the moisturizing lotion, the emulsifier and emulsifier AEO should have a strong emulsification level, produce a stable emulsification film, and have the characteristics of safety, no partial irritation, stable performance and less external factors.




Surface Action and Reliability of Emulsifier AEO

The principle of page generation and its reliability:

1. On the page, the density of emulsifier and emulsifier AEO is high, and the molecular structure of emulsifier AEO produces a protective film outside the large droplets. From the perspective of geometric space layout, this is correct, and from the perspective of kinetic energy, it also conforms to the principle of less kinetic energy, so the emulsion formed is relatively stable;

2. Due to the establishment of emulsion, the total page area of the system has greatly increased, which actually requires contributions to the management system, thereby enhancing the interface capability of the system and causing instability in the management system. Therefore, reducing its surface tension can reduce the overall interface energy and increase the stability of the management system; Surfactants as good emulsifiers and emulsifiers AEO can reduce surface tension. According to the "principle of similar solubility", it is known that the hydrophilic and oleophilic groups in the emulsifier AEO will be inserted into the side with the same characteristics, causing it to be located on the water oil surface. During the emulsification process, the amount of emulsifier AEO is inversely proportional to the emulsification ambient temperature. When the emulsification environment temperature is raised, the distance between liquid molecular structures is increased, and the influence of liquid internal structure on the surface molecular structure is reduced, so the interfacial tension is reduced;

3. After the emulsifier AEO is added to the management system, on the premise of reducing the surface tension, a layer of interfacial facial mask is produced. The interfacial facial mask has a buffer effect on the dispersed medium droplets, and then the droplets that collide with each other in the diffusion phenomenon are not easy to coalesce. The coalescer of droplets (destruction reliability) should be based on the principle of the splitting of the interfacial facial mask. Therefore, the impact toughness of the interfacial facial mask is one of the important factors to measure the stability of the emulsion.

When the concentration of emulsifier AEO is relatively low, the molecular structure absorbed on the page is less, the strength of the interfacial facial mask is weak, and the emulsion formed is unstable. When the concentration of emulsifier AEO is increased to a certain extent, the interfacial facial mask is composed of closely arranged molecules with directional adsorption, so the interfacial facial mask formed is strong, which greatly improves the stability of the emulsion.

Reducing the surface tension of the system is a prerequisite for the stability of the emulsion management system; and producing a more stable interfacial facial mask is a Necessity and sufficiency for the relative stability of the emulsion. The establishment of emulsion is the result of natural spontaneous fitness exercise, which conforms to the basic standards of spontaneous fitness exercise, namely increasing entropy and decreasing energy.