Food grade emulsifier tray 20 (s-20): What are the characteristics of emulsifier trays?



Food grade emulsifier tray 20 (s-20): What are the characteristics of emulsifier trays?

Spanning is a synthetic non-ionic emulsifier, which is formed by esterification of Sorbitol or Sorbitol with a part of edible Palmitic acid. Light milky yellow to brown fine beads, thin flakes, or hard waxy particles. It has a soft oily odor and a sweet caramel taste. Commonly used drugs include Sipan 20, Sipan 40, Sipan 60, Sipan 65, Sipan 80, Sipan 85, etc. So food grade emulsifier tray 20 (s-20): What are the characteristics of emulsifier tray?




Food grade emulsifier tray 20 (s-20): What are the characteristics of emulsifier trays?

1. Sipan is non-toxic and non irritating. It is mostly a white or yellow oily liquid, or a milky white waxy solid, with a special odor and a light taste. Although insoluble in water, it can generally be dispersed in water and hot water. Soluble in solvents such as ether, liquid paraffin, and fatty oil.

2. Sipan 40 has good heat resistance and hydrolysis stability. As one of the Lipophilicity nonionic surfactants, span is widely used in medicine, food and cosmetics.

3. The emulsification performance of Sipan 40 is mainly composed of O/W emulsifiers, with an HLB value of 6.7. Sipan can be used for fruit juice drinks and plant protein drinks to prevent fat from floating up and forming oil rings. Food grade emulsifier pan 20 (s-20)

What is the purpose of using emulsifier pan 40?

1. Solid liposome preparation for preparing Clindamycin hydrochloride palmitate. 15 portions of Clindamycin hydrochloride palmitate, 20-150 portions of hexadecyl phosphate, 15-100 portions of soybean lecithin, 10-50 portions of cholesterol, 40 15-120 portions of Tween, and 600 20-160 portions of polyethylene glycol The liposome solid preparation provided by the invention has high encapsulation efficiency, uniform particle size, long retention time of drugs in blood circulation, improved product quality, reduced toxic and side effects, and improved bioavailability; The preparation method has simple equipment, convenient operation, and is suitable for industrial production.

2. It is used for the preparation of leather sustained-release fragrance. Its raw materials are essence 0.3% -1.2%, hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin 5% -15%, Gum arabic 0.3% -0.5%, and espresso 80-0.3% -0.6%. Food grade emulsifier pan 20 (s-20)

3. It is used to prepare Menthol microcapsules. The raw materials used are Menthol, wall materials, emulsifier, cross-linking agent, pH regulator, and the rest is water. With Menthol as the core material, chitosan as the wall material, monogram and Tween 40 as the composite emulsifier, 10% acetic acid as the pH regulator. After the solution is emulsified under high pressure, modified starch is added for crosslinking. Finally, powder Menthol microcapsules were prepared by spray drying technology. The purpose of the invention is to provide a preparation method of Menthol microcapsule with safe and simple process and low cost, improve the stability and heat resistance of Menthol, control its release process and expand its application range.

4. Prepare coix seed health yellow wine.

5. Used for the preparation of acne cream.