The difference between food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20) and 80



Food grade emulsifier Polysorbate 80 (also known as tween 80 or polysorbate 80) is different from food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20) (also known as food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20)) in three aspects:

The synthesis materials of the two are different:

Raw material for synthesis of Polysorbate 80: it is polymerized by dehydrated Sorbitol monooleate and ethylene oxide. The synthetic raw material of food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20) is a mixture of polyoxyethylene Sorbitol monolaurate and partial polyoxyethylene Sorbitol monolaurate.




The usage of the two is different:

Use of food grade emulsifier Polysorbate 80: food grade emulsifier Polysorbate 80 is a polyol type non-ionic surfactant, which is the most commonly used polysorbate. It has significant electrolyte resistance and strong hydrophilicity. Widely used as an O/W emulsifier, solubilizer, wetting agent, dispersant, and stabilizer in liquid, semi solid, and solid formulations.

Purpose of food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20): It is a condensate of Span and ethylene oxide. Because there are many hydrophilic groups in its molecule - polyoxyethylene, it has strong hydrophilicity and is a non-ionic Oxygen scavenger. Dirty. Commonly used as an oil in water (O/W) emulsifier; It can be used together with Sodium dodecyl sulfate, span and other emulsifiers to increase the stability of lotion. It can also be used as a solubilizer for certain drugs.




Two characters are different:

Nature of Polysorbate 80: the peroxide value of Polysorbate 80 is not more than 10, which is a light yellow to orange viscous liquid; It has a slight odor. The taste is slightly bitter and has a warm feeling. Soluble in water, ethanol, methanol or ethyl acetate, very slightly soluble in mineral oil.

Properties of Tween 20: Tween 20 is a yellow or amber transparent oily liquid with a special odor and a weak bitterness. Relative density 1.01, boiling point>100 ℃, flash point 321 ℃, refractive index 1.472, viscosity (25 ℃) 0.25-0.40 Pa · s.

There are many hydrophilic groups in the molecule, which can be miscible with water, ethanol, methanol and ethyl acetate. It is insoluble in liquid paraffin, non-volatile oil and light petroleum. One part of this product can be soluble in 130 parts of Cottonseed oil and 200 parts of toluene. The pH of 5% aqueous solution is 5-7; The HLB value is 16.7.

There are many Tween series products, from food grade emulsifier Polysorbate 80 (T-20) to food grade emulsifier Twain 20 (T-20). Do you know what the following figures look like? In fact, 20 and 80 refer to the lipophilic or hydrophilic value of the solvent. The smaller the value, the more hydrophilic it is, meaning that emulsified oil tends to be water-based, while the larger the value, the more lipophilic it is. Emulsified oil is an oil phase with strong detergency.

From these two characteristics, it can be seen which Tween is more suitable. Generally speaking, although Tween series is a food grade emulsifier, it is harmless and non irritating to the human body. It is mainly used in the food industry to produce cakes, ice cream, Shortening, etc. But food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20) is more gentle on the skin in the cosmetics industry. The chemical composition of Tween 20 is polyoxyethylene dehydrated Sorbitol fatty acid ester. Its appearance is amber viscous liquid, and its color is similar to that of Polysorbate 80. Polysorbate is generally considered safe and is allowed for daily consumption. The dosage is 0-25mg/kg.

Production process: Tween 20 is under alkaline conditions, each mole of Sorbitol and its dehydrated compound condenses with about 20 moles of ethylene oxide to obtain Sorbitol and its anhydrous, double anhydrous compounds and laurate. The Lauric acid used for esterification may contain other fatty acids. Performance and application: Tween 20 is easily soluble in solvents such as water, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, and is insoluble in power oil and mineral oil. It has properties such as emulsification, diffusion, solubilization, and stability.

Food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20) is an oil in water (O/W) emulsifier, which can be used as solubilizer, dispersant, stabilizer, Antistatic agent, lubricant, such as mineral oil emulsifier, cosmetic emulsifier and a pharmaceutical emulsifier. Dye cosolvent, foam plastic stabilizer, photographic emulsion auxiliary, shampoo viscosity regulator, antistatic silk noise synergist in spinning oil, fiber processing auxiliary, etc. Especially suitable for use with Span-20. In other aspects, it can also be used as emulsifier of mineral oil, solvent of dye, emulsifier of cosmetics, stabilizer of foam plastics, emulsifier of medicine, dispersant and stabilizer, and auxiliary agent of photographic emulsion.