Food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20)



What is food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20)? What is the function of food additives? Food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20) is an amber oily liquid; It has a special odor and a faint bitterness. Relative density 1.01, boiling point greater than 100 ℃, flash point 321 ℃, refractive index 1.472, viscosity (25 ℃) 0.25-0.40 Pa · s. There are many hydrophilic groups in the molecule, which can be miscible with water, ethanol, methanol and ethyl acetate. It is insoluble in liquid paraffin, non-volatile oil and light petroleum. One part of this product can be soluble in 130 parts of Cottonseed oil and 200 parts of Cottonseed oil. Partial toluene, 5% aqueous solution pH 5-7. Soluble in corn oil, dioxane, fibrinolytic agent, methanol, ethanol, high concentration soluble in mineral oil, Cottonseed oil, acetonitrile, ethyl acetate, ethylene glycol; In toluene, turbid in Petroleum ether; Disperse in water; HLB16.7.




The function and use of food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20). Food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20) is an oil in water (O/W) emulsifier, which can be used as a solubilizer, dispersant, stabilizer, Antistatic agent, mineral oil emulsifier, cosmetic emulsifier, pharmaceutical emulsifier, dye cosolvent, foam stabilizer, photographic lotion auxiliary, shampoo viscosity regulator, spinning oil antioxidant, electrostatic wire sound synergist, fiber processing auxiliary and other lubricants. Span 20.

Do not let the steam escape from the condenser, and the Saponification is completed. With phenolphthalein as the indicator, titrate the excessive potassium hydroxide with standard hydrochloric acid solution while it is hot, and keep it boiling until the titration end point. The measured hydroxyl value refers to milligrams of potassium hydroxide consumed to neutralize the hydroxyl in 1g acetylated material. Weigh approximately 5g of the sample (accurate to 0.001g) and place it in a dry and weighed flask. Add 15mL of acetylation reagent, food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20), and load it into a condenser. Boil the water. Heat the flask on a bath for 1 hour, at which point the hydroxyl groups are esterified.




During the extraction process of food grade emulsifier Tween 20 (T-20), distilled water is added through the condenser to hydrolyze excess Acetic anhydride. Cool the flask and its contents to below 30 ℃, add 25 mL of sodium hydroxide Standard solution (0.5 mol/L), use phenolphthalein solution as indicator, and titrate with sodium hydroxide Standard solution under rotation until the solution turns pink. For the determination of acid value, prepare the test solution with neutral ethanol, use phenolphthalein as the indicator, titrate the free acid in the test solution with potassium hydroxide Standard solution, and the titration result is the acid value. The determination of water content is achieved by measuring the water content in the sample using the Karl Fischer method. Water can react with Karl Fischer reagent, so in a trace moisture analyzer, the sample is titrated with Karl Fischer reagent, and the titration result is converted into the water equivalent of Karl Fischer reagent to obtain water. Erfischer reagent is a solution containing 100 g of anhydrous sulfur dioxide in 1000 mL of 50% (V/V) anhydrous methanol with a water content less than 0.05% (m/m).