What is the difference between Polysorbate 80 and food grade emulsifier Span80 (S-80), and how to distinguish them



Polysorbate 80 and food grade emulsifier Span80 (S-80) are widely recognized food emulsifiers. Professionals know that Polysorbate 80 and Span80 can be interchanged in some aspects of use, but few people know the difference between them. Today, we will analyze and explain the difference from the performance, appearance and application.

1、 Performance

First, food grade emulsifiers Span80 (S-80) and Polysorbate 80 are both non-ionic surfactants. Before making Polysorbate 80, it is necessary to make a plate and attach it to ethylene oxide to obtain corresponding Tween products. For example, the addition of one Span-80 molecule and 20 ethylene oxide molecules can yield Polysorbate 80.

Chemical composition: Polysorbate 80 is polyoxyethylene sorbitol fatty acid ester, Span80 is dehydrated sorbitol fatty acid ester

Hydrophilicity and lipophilicity: Polysorbate 80 has a HLB value of 15, which is usually used as an oil in water emulsifier, and Span80 has a HLB value of 4.3, which is usually used as an oil in water emulsifier.

2、 Appearance: Both are amber viscous liquids, which do not look much different.

3、 Application:

Polysorbate 80

1. Easily soluble in water, methanol and ethanol, insoluble in mineral oil, used as emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agent, solubilizer, stabilizer, and in industries such as Chinese medicine, cosmetics, and food. Generally, it is directly used in the production and synthesis of polyurethane foam products, as well as in the production of film film, various fabrics, oil fields and confidential machine tools made of fiber and photosensitive structural materials.

2. It is used as a stabilizer and foaming agent in polyurethane foam, as an intermediate of Antistatic agent and chemical fiber oil agent in Synthetic fiber, as a wetting agent and dispersant in photographic material film making, as an emulsified silicone oil in the process of fabric water passing, and as an oil and water-soluble emulsifier in nylon and adhesive rope, often mixed with S-80.

3. Used as oilfield emulsifier, paraffin inhibitor, heavy oil wetting agent, drag reducing agent, and near wellbore treatment agent; Precision machine tool modulation lubrication coolant.




Food grade emulsifier pan 80 (S-80):

1. It is insoluble in water, soluble in hot oil and organic solvents, and is a high-level lipophilic emulsifier.

2. Used for WO type emulsion explosives, acrylic fibers, and viscose cord oil, with good smoothing effect on fibers. Used for emulsification of machinery, coatings, chemicals, and explosives. Used as an emulsifier for weighting mud in oil drilling; Used as an emulsifier in food and cosmetics production; Used as a dispersant in the paint and coating industry; Used as a stabilizer in the production of titanium dioxide white; Used as insecticides, wetting agents, and emulsifiers in pesticide production; Used as a cosolvent in petroleum products; It can also be used as an anti rust agent for rust oil. Lubricants and softeners for textiles and leather.

3. As a thin film anti fogging agent, it has good early social development and low temperature anti fogging properties, with a dosage of 1-1.5% in PVC and 0.5-0.7% in polyolefins. Follow Sixin to learn more information.

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