What are the usage pathways of emulsifier AEO



Emulsifier Emulsifier AEO is the Adduct of natural Fatty alcohol and ethylene oxide, which can be dissolved in water, ethanol, ethylene glycol and other substances. It has very good water solubility, can be used to prepare oil in water lotion, can also be used as Antistatic agent, is a hydrophilic emulsifier, emulsifier emulsifier AEO is a non-ionic surfactant, is mainly used in lotion, cream, shampoo cosmetics emulsifier. It can improve the solubility of certain substances in water, so let's learn about the ways in which emulsifier AEO can be used!




Emulsifier AEO has excellent emulsification, decontamination, and cleaning properties, and can also be used as industrial emulsifier and metal detergent in a wide range of applications and civil detergents. Emulsifier AEO has many excellent properties and quality:

Low viscosity, low freezing point, almost no gel;

Has strong wetting and emulsifying ability, as well as excellent low-temperature washing performance, solubilization, dispersion, and wetting properties

Has uniform foaming performance and good defoaming performance

It has excellent biodegradability and is environmentally friendly. And the skin irritation is low

Odorless, with extremely low unreacted alcohol content, it is an excellent penetration, emulsifier, wetting, and detergent;

Emulsifier Emulsifier AEO also has very good Dishwashing liquid, penetration and wetting emulsification ability; It has a very good synergistic effect, which can greatly reduce the consumption of additives and has a very good cost-effectiveness; It can generally be used in coatings and can be used in conjunction with various anionic, non ionic, and cationic surfactants to enhance the effectiveness of coating thickeners and improve the washability of solvent systems.

Emulsifiers, emulsifiers, AEO surfactants have a wide range of types and applications. Therefore, the synthesis and application of surfactants have always been a hot research topic. Alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (AEO), also known as alcohol ether or alcohol ethoxylate, is involved in the preparation of laundry detergent, the construction of primitive cells, and the transport and release of drugs. As the main active substance in household detergents, it is an important variety of industrial surfactants and a rapidly developing and widely used variety among non ionic surfactants. In recent years, it has developed rapidly, and some sodium alkylbenzene sulfonates have been replaced. The main reasons are: it is suitable for cleaning Synthetic fiber, which is also suitable for powder formula. The emulsifier and emulsifier AEO have excellent biodegradability and low-temperature performance; Not affected by water hardness, it may dominate household detergents. In the presence of alkaline catalysts such as Sodium methoxide, sodium ethoxylate, sodium hydroxide, etc., it is also suitable for liquid detergent formulations with low price. According to foreign predictions, the dosage of AEO will continue to increase, enabling the preparation of ethylene oxide.

Many fields use emulsifier AEO, which has good emulsifying and dispersing properties, water solubility, and detergency. It is a very important non ionic surfactant. Among them, emulsifier products are white paste at room temperature, without any toxicity or irritation, and are widely used as detergents.

The above introduction is about the ways in which emulsifier AEO can be used. For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time!