Four New Cup "China Beautiful Countryside - Baidian" Photography Competition




The notice for soliciting contributions for the Sixin Cup "China's Beautiful Countryside - Baidian" Photo Contest, in order to better promote China's beautiful countryside - Baidian, show the unique charm of "a dreamland of water and a land of peach", promote the image of Baidian, prosper the corporate culture, and become a brand of Baidian tourism featured central town, the competition organizing committee, together with Nantong Photographers Association, organized the "Sixin Cup" "China's Beautiful Countryside - Baidian" Photo Contest, The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

1、 Sponsored by: Hai'an County Literature and Art Federation of Baidian Town People's Government, Hai'an County Tourism Bureau, Publicity Department of the CPC Hai'an County Committee Organized by: Nantong Photographers Association Hai'an Photographers Association Co organized by: Jiangsu Sixin Surfactant Co., Ltd

2、 The collection of entries focuses on the theme of "China's Beautiful Countryside", reflecting the spiritual style of the people of Baidian, highlighting the fruitful achievements of economic and social development in Baidian Town, promoting the rich tourism resources and famous and high-quality products of Baidian, and highlighting the corporate image of Baidian Town. The content is healthy, with a wide range of materials and unlimited genres, encouraging innovation.

3、 Entry requirements

1. The collected works must be new works shot in recent years and be sourced from within the Baidian Town area. Non Baidian Town area works are not eligible for selection. Members of the Photographers Association and photography enthusiasts are warmly welcome to submit, with a limit of 10 submissions per author.

2. The collected works are color photos, which can be adjusted appropriately for brightness, contrast, and saturation. We refuse to provide computer creativity or change the original image works.

3. The work strives to highlight the theme of "showcasing the most beautiful countryside and jointly building a beautiful Baidian". The content is healthy and positive, highlighting the "most beautiful" elements, and focusing on one or several of the following aspects:

The beauty of development - showcasing the positive trend of accelerated development in Baidian and highlighting the vitality of economic and social development.

The beauty of life - showcasing the spiritual style and beautiful life of the water town people through photos of their daily lives in Baidian.

Ecological beauty - showcasing the unique natural ecological beauty of Baidian, a water town with regional characteristics.

The beauty of humanity - showcasing the unique historical and cultural characteristics of Baidian, a water town.

The beauty of the enterprise - showcasing the fruitful achievements of industrial development in Baidian Town, highlighting the corporate image of Four New Interface Agents Company.

4. There is no limit to the genre of works, advocating for diversified artistic styles of works, and encouraging works with unique perspectives and creativity to participate in exhibitions.

5. The entries must be original and truthful.

6. Any issues related to portrait rights in the participating works shall be resolved by the authors themselves, and the organizer shall not be held responsible.

7. The style of the entries: single, group, or series.

4、 The competition method and submission time for works are from March 20, 2015 to October 15, 2015.

Participants shall submit electronic images of their submitted works, with the following elements in the file name: work name, shooting time, location, author's name, contact information, and send to Contact person: Pei Guirong, phone number 13773744457.